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The Call To The Gathering - Music by Don Bradford

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Tune list - Marches

13th Frederick Street, Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police March Past, Alison Hargreaves Farewell to K2, Tom Fisher’s March, Georgina’s March, Royal Ulster Rifles Crossing the 38th Parallel , End of the Ringing, Barry Donaldson’s March, Angus Campbell’s Tour of Beijing, Jim Kirkwood’s, Chief Inspector Allan Hamilton, Superintendent Louis Munn, The Watchmaker, The Caretaker, The Challenger, Slow Airs, Annie Colquhoun, Alison’s Song, Brooke’s Lullaby, Scott’s Ballad, Emigrants Farewell, Strathspeys, Miss Jays , Xavier Boderiou’s, Blackwater’s, James Fletcher, Peggy McLean, Miss Angela Harkness, Reels, Peggy McLean, Miss Angela Harkness, Mitta Mitta Reel, The, One Too Many, Glenkeen Reel, The, Duncan Smith’s, Avenue of Volcanoes , Pacolet, American Legion Bridge, Piobaireachd o Donald Dubh, Duncan Nicholson’s, Harrison’s Menagerie, Jigs, Isle of Jura, McMullan’s, Lorna’s, Gary Cheddy’s, Paul De Both’s , Spice of Life, The, Fuppity Jig,, Ali the Barber , Neil Selbie’s, Andy Fuller’s, Bill Gregory’s, David Hunter’s, Fraser Allison’s, Gordon Shaw of Lochfyneside, Ten Years on Tuesday, Joe McGonigal’s, Brendan Murphy’s, Sylvain Hamon of Plougastel-Daoulas, Cell Block, In With the Bricks, Iain MacPherson’s, Rebel Without Applause, Judith Irwin , Old Hag at the Kiln, Iris Irwin’s, Waltz, Iris Irwin’s Waltz, Brother’s Kirkwood, TheWaltz , Dance, Alicia’s Dance, Stevie and Gus v the VolcanoJig/Dance , Hornpipes, Trevor Buckley, PM Raymond Bradford, Phoenix, The, Usquebae Society of Melbourne, Melvin The Jeweller, John Lang Brown from Campbeltown, Hercule’s Dance, David McInerney’s , Alastair Briggs, Laura Ann McCallum, Miss Alison Mclean of Grogary, Cosmos Cascade, Sandpiper, The, Grapevine, The, Ross Stewart From Halkirk, Pipe Major Sandy Keith, Russell Weir Of Howwood, Lindsay KirkwoodHornpipe, Owen Shaw’s Hornpipe, Lorimar Hornpipe, Wee Bit Out of the Ordinary, Joe Maguire, Shifting Sands, Pipe Major JG Campbell, Temporary Leader, The, Suites, The Call to the Gathering, Calm Before the Storm


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