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P.Henderson Bagpipe PH02

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Peter Henderson® bagpipes, hand crafted from the finest African Bblackwood, are the most sought after bagpipe in the world. Their unique sound and tonal qualities ensure pipers of all abilities aspire to own a set of Peter Henderson® bagpipes.

Available in a number of exclusive designs in silver and nickel, they are crafted by the R.G. Hardie & Co. team with over 40 years experience.

Each set comes with it’s own unique number engraved on the bass stock.

PH02 Features

- Engraved nickel ring caps, ferrules, slides and mouthpiece slide
- Blackwood projecting mounts, hemp retainers and ring cap bushes.

Designs available are Thistle, Celtic, Zoomorphic and Victorian.Peter Henderson bagpipes include a Canmore zipper bag, EZ drone reeds, plastice Henderson chanter, chanter reed, bag cover, and cords.


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