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Walsh Shuttle Pipes - 2 Drone

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The Walsh Shuttle Pipes are similar in style and shape to the Shuttle Pipe which dates as far back as 1695. The original Shuttle Pipe was bellows blown and had three open ended drones which were carried in one main stock with a plain open ended chanter made of ivory. The chanter was closed at some time during the eighteenth century and later keys were added to increase its note capacity. Mounting the drones in a single stock was typical of the Old Irish or German Pipes.

The Walsh Shuttle Pipes are hand crafted from quality materials to produce a uniquely sweet sound that is ideal for intimate performances where the Highland pipes would prove too overpowering. The Shuttle Pipes are very affordable, require minimal upkeep and are generally “fun to play”. They are very melodious and certainly an ideal instrument for practicing, as well as performing, by all levels of Highland Bagpipe players. The Shuttle Pipe is crafted from rock maple, is mouthblown and uses practice chanter reeds.

The Shuttle Pipes are in the Key of "A" and are mouth blown with the fingering being the same as the Great Highland Bagpipe. The wood used is rock maple wood , the pipe bag is made of synthetic material and the reeds are plastic. The drone which sits across your waist is cylindrical in shape and is comprised of a bass drone and tenor drone ( 2-Drone Version ). The 3-Drone version has the additional of a baritone drone. The drones are tuned by moving the sliders back and forward down the shuttle section and can be turned off or on at anytime.


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