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DVD- Pipes Up Rythmic Fingerwork #2

CD's - DVD's & Books >> Piping Tutors & Textbooks
 This comprehensive 2 hour and 20 minute DVD, Gold Medallist Jim McGillivray covers all aspects of tuning the bagpipe - tuning drones, tuning the chanter, tuning two chanters, using a tuning meter, adjusting reeds and chanters to improve tuning and more. Hear how to solve the problems that will undermine your best tuning efforts. There is nothing like this DVD anywhere.
How many of us - performers and listeners - cringe at the grating sounds of untuned bagpipes? For many players, the desire is there, but the knowledge and technique needed to tune this complex instrument are not. Now, following in the footsteps of his groundbreaking Pipes Ready! maintenance video, renowned player and teacher Jim McGillivray demystifies the suject of tuning in a thorough, easy-to-understand video. Jim teaches you how to tune drones and chanters and addresses maintenance issues that can affect your tuning success. In this, the first formal treatment of bagpipe tuning ever produced, Jim and his comic cohort, Duff MacKenzie, give you the knowledge to produce a rich and harmonious instrument that will engage listeners, rather than frighten them off!


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