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Regulation Kilt - 8 Yard, Double Width Cloth- 13oz or 16oz.

Highland Wear >> Kilts & Jackets

Every kilt is hand-stitched, for the finest results and a perfect hang, we fit two sturdy leather straps and buckles on the waist, and one on the hip. The front edge has two fringes in the authentic tradition, and we add two near-invisible belt loops at the back to keep it all neat. We normally pleat 'to sett' as most kilt wearers prefer, but you can ask for pleating to stripe (at no extra charge) optional. Whatever your choices, you'll enjoy wearing a kilt to impress even the most demanding expert

Tartan Pictured: Isle of Skye

Gents Kilt , Made in Scotland, worsted, best quality material, 100% pure wool, made to measure.

Available in: 

  • 8 yard: up to hip 46" / 9 yard: up to 54" / or 10 yard: hip over 54"
  • Single Width Cloth (13 or 16oz.) and  Double Width Cloth (16 oz.)
  • Also Avail, 13oz Edgar Old and Rare is available for an additional cost


Height: In shoes, should be exact to allow us to check the lenght given.
Waist: Taken fairly tightly at the natural waist position.
Hip: Take fairly loosley around the seat. Please remove wallet and/or keys from
pockets before measuring.
Overall Lenght: Taken from where top of kilt will sit to desired length
Guidelines are as follows:
5'4" - 22.0" overall 5'6" - 22.5" overall 5'8" - 23.0" overall 5'10" - 23.5" overall
6' - 24.5" overall 6'2" - 25.5" overall
Features: Our standard kilt includes the following: double fringe, belt loops, three buckles and straps. Any variation required should be advised at the time of ordering.

Plaid: Height Only




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