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Gannaway Pipe Bag

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Gannaway bag Inc
This bag has a zipper and  grommets.
Gannaway Pipe Bags are famous for their comfort.  However, every new pipe bag can take a little while to get used to, particularly if a player has been using a different make of bag for some time prior to changing.

For younger pipers who are still growing - and adults too, for that matter - a new bag presents a good opportunity to re-examine bag position and playing posture.  Some pipers hold their bag in an awkward position which can cause slipping and general discomfort.

Good playing posture also plays a significant role in steady blowing, and producing quality tone.

Below, an effective method for checking bag position and playing posture that will be of some benefit to any piper , whether playing a new or an old bag:
  1. Without bagpipes, stand up straight with level and relaxed shoulders.
  2. Hold your hands directly in front as if playing on the pipe chanter, and lift your bag arm up at the elbow enough for the bag.  This will place your bag elbow in front of your shoulder.  When you blow your pipes up (with the new bag), try this position.  The bag can still be placed forward or back, to some degree, without altering this basic position.  Holding your pipes in this position will have the bass drone pointing in a straight line to the way you are facing, not at an awkward angle across your shoulders.
  3. The bag should be in line with the waist, and not up under the armpit.  A bag pushed up too high has a much greater chance of slipping and invariably raises the shoulder.  Make sure the blowpipe is the correct length and comfortable.
With good bag position, a Gannaway Pipe Bag will quickly 'mould to your body', helping you to blow steady and play more comfortably, for longer periods.



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