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Highland Bagpipe Tuner2

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Price includes Tuner, Clip Microphone and Softcase.
The HBT2 is programmed specifically for the Highland Bagpipe as stanadard chromatic tuner cannot accurately detect and display the Highland Bagpipe Scale. Chromatic tuners are designed for instruments of Equal temperament like Piano or Guitar and not the Highland Bagpipe which is of Just Temperment, entirely different. The HBT2, being programmed for our scale displays the pipe chanter notes as we know them (A B C D E F G HA) correctly which harmonise with the drones. It has 5 modes, internal microphone, auto-memory, external mic input, metal stand, earphone output and many more features, it's truly comprehensive!

Features- 3 Dedicated tuning modes, Metronome, Tone Generator, Internal Microphone, Clip microphone, Earphone, Large LCD screen, Metal stand, External microphone input, Compact size.

Additional advantages: Digital Manometer & Ear training.


The HBT2 is an easy to use bagpipe-specific tuner which precisely displays the pitch of your chanter notes and drones. The large LCD screen displays the note, frequency, calibration frequency and pitch position so you can accurately tune your pipes correctly.

Each HBT2 bagpipe tuner is supplied with a custom designed HBTM Clip Microphone for Bagpipes featuring a highly sensitive piezo sensor, 1.75m lead and shaped and properly cushioned not to damage the wood finish on your pipes.

The HBT2 is very easy to use, a great learning aid and ideal for pipers of any standard. With microphones, earphone and batteries all supplied it's ready to go straight out of the box. Importantly, it fits in your sporran!

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Tuning Range: 439-499 Hz adjustable in 1Hz steps.
Accuracy 0.1%
Response time +/- 20ms
Metronome range 30-230 bpm
Large LCD screen
Internal & External microphone
Automatic note detection displaying freq, calibration freq and pitch position
Colored LED's highlight if calibration pitch is achieved
Audio output: 3.5mm jack
Power: 3V, 2* 1.5v AAA
Dimensions: 98mm(L) * 64mm (W) * 15mm (H)
Weight: 65 grams
Auto calibration memory
External mic input

HBT2 Now available in Black


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