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Highland Bagpipe Makers 2nd edition by Jeannie Campbell

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The first edition of Highland Bagpipe Makers was written originally in response to the many requests received over the years for information on various makers and because there was very little already in print on this subject.Makers from the earliest known to the modern era were covered, some of them famous names and others almost unknown.Dates and locations were given, with information on the people involved in each firm.Also included were biographical accounts of the famous pipers employed by or associated with the firms.Many photographs of instruments and their makers were included, as were illustrations of advertisements, catalogues and price lists showing the range of instruments available.The first edition of the book came out in 2001 and was sold out within five years.Interest in this subject seems to be increasing and demand for copies has continued since then, hence the need for the this second edition.
In the intervening years research continued and several additional makers were discovered.More informaton was added to other makers, expanding on what had already been published in the first edition.Many more illustrations of instruments, makers, advertisements and price lists have been added also.There is a new section covering people known to have been employed as bagpipe makers but not included in the main text as the identity of their employers is not known.The introductory section has been expanded too, with additional information on the manufacture of bagpipes and on the materials used.This book will be a valuable source of information for anyone wishing to know more about the bagpipe and its history.


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